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  Long Island Matchmaking by Katie vs. On-line Dating:
There are huge differences between personal matchmaking services and on-line dating sites. You should really have an understanding of both types, their process and the results you can expect so ultimately you will make a wise decision and get realistic results. Only a handful of those differences are listed below:

It is not surprising that due to these differences, the on-line dating industry has spurned the emergence of personal matchmakers. The industry now has evolved into more than a $250 million dollar business for those more discerning clientele that demand and expect more for themselves and who they spend their time with.

At Long Island Matchmaking, we strive to deliver members an honest representation of each match in a time efficient, confidential and selective manner. Knowledge is power and even more so during this new era of dating.

So if you have tried on line dating, or you are just ready to re-enter the dating arena and don’t know where to begin, then please do not hesitate to contact me today……

Come, meet with me and allow me the courtesy to show you how I “bring love & long islanders together.”

Read more about my personal commitment to you. Read msore about the Difference.